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Blood Moon by xwriter389x Blood Moon :iconxwriter389x:xwriter389x 0 0 Covering the Clouds by xwriter389x Covering the Clouds :iconxwriter389x:xwriter389x 0 0 Branches Spread Out Across the Sky by xwriter389x Branches Spread Out Across the Sky :iconxwriter389x:xwriter389x 0 0 A Beautiful Sky by xwriter389x A Beautiful Sky :iconxwriter389x:xwriter389x 2 0 Flowers in the Sunset by xwriter389x Flowers in the Sunset :iconxwriter389x:xwriter389x 0 0
Torn Drabble: Never Forget
Torn sat in one of the booths at the far end of the bar. People were celebrating, proud of their victory over the Metal Heads, and more importantly, the Baron. They weren't thinking of tomorrow. They were only thinking of right now and how they had somehow, against impossible odds, accomplished their goal.
They weren't thinking about all the casualties. All the men that had sacrificed themselves so the city could live free from a tyrant and a pressing enemy species.
Torn knew every one of their faces, every one of their names. And he would never forget them. People who had given everything they had to a dream. This movement would be nowhere without them and he was determined to never let people forget it.
For right now though, he could let them celebrate. And though he'd never bring it up on his own, he would always remember.
He acted like a hard-ass, sure, but he cared--not that he'd ever admit it. These men and women mattered to him. And that was why he could let them enjoy th
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Torn Drabble: Time For Regrets
There was a kid who joined up, back in the beginning of Torn's days in the Underground. He had big green eyes and a crooked smile. Always ready to help. He didn't demand the most dangerous missions, knowing very well he wouldn't be able to handle them. He listened, never argued. He couldn't have been older than 15, and even that was pushing it.
"One day," he'd said. "I'm gonna do something and you're gonna be impressed, Torn. You'll be proud, I swear!" And he smiled the whole time, truly believing his words.
Torn had rolled his eyes in response, fighting the tug he felt at his lip to turn upward.
This kid had never been one to disobey orders-never broke the rules. He was perfect for small jobs; deliveries, message carrying and the occasional back-up. Torn had told him specifically never to argue with the Guard. In a world like theirs, they had to go unnoticed.
They said he was protecting someone- woman, child, it didn't matter. All that mattered was he was shot dow
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Mature content
Love Is Just Another Mission p4 :iconxwriter389x:xwriter389x 5 3
Mature content
Love Is Just Another Mission p3 :iconxwriter389x:xwriter389x 7 0
Mature content
Love Is Just Another Mission p2 :iconxwriter389x:xwriter389x 5 0
Love Is Just Another Mission p1
Title: Love Is Just Another Mission
Author: xxwriter389xx
Game: Mass Effect
Characters/pairing: femshep/Kaidan Alenko plus an assortment of ME characters
Disclaimer: I do not own Mass Effect or any of its characters.
The instant Kaidan had closed the doors to the escape pod he regretted leaving Hope behind. Truthfully, the second she commanded him to go he felt snake-like fingers of terror grip at his insides.
But he had no choice. She was Commander Shepard and he of all people knew she would carry him there if he refused to obey her orders.
And she would do the same with Joker because knowing him he'd think he could still save the ship.
"She's going to be fine, Kaidan." He felt a gentle hand on his shoulder and looked up to meet Liara's wide eyes.
To him, she had always appeared to be less capable than she really was. Her eyes held knowledge of course but he struggled to get past the innocence in them. Although her obvious attraction to Shepard did cast a bit of a negative light on he
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I know it has been like a million years, guys. But I'm re-watching Death Note and I'm starting to write the fanfiction again! To all of you who favorited it back when it first started and to those who are more recent, I'm so sorry it's been so long! The next chapter is coming I PROMISE!!!! It should be really soon. I hope you will enjoy it!
(PS I will be editing the fanfic and actually changing it to third person because I find it suits the story better. I apologize for the change but I hope it will be alright!)


Blood Moon
The red lunar eclipse from last year. This picture was my favorite because you can see a tiny star in the left side of the picture!


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